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To put sustainability at the heart of what we do & to build the architecture that will survive for generations to come.

In 30 years, we have Designed and constructed over 10 million sq.ft of projects.

Our Most recent project (Al-Jamea tus saifiyah) Inaugrated by PM Modi, CM Shinde and Sayedana Saheb

1. Strategic planning

The process of setting goals, defining strategies, and outlining actions that guide the design process.

2. 360 solutions

A comprehensive approach to problem-solving that considers all aspects of a design challenge, including social, cultural, and environmental factors.

3. vision creation

Developing a clear and compelling vision for a project that guides the design process and aligns all stakeholders towards a common goal.

Design Ideologies

As human beings, we spend almost the entire day inside built spaces. Hence, architecture has a great psychological impact of us. Therefore, it’s important that our Architecture is Contextual!


"the key to understand the future
is one word: sustainability!"


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Goals, are a set of 17 integrated and interrelated goals to protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity by 2030. Reporting on the SDGs is important in communicating to stakeholders the company’s commitment to contributing to the Global Goals; claiming accountability & responsibility to take the necessary actions, and measuring progress over time.Aesthetic Group caters to 10 out of 17 SDGs in our projects.

1. Form- Mass Optimization

The process of optimizing the building’s shape and mass to reduce energy consumption, increase natural ventilation, and improve indoor environmental quality.

2. Energy Consumption Day lighting

Strategies that aim to reduce energy consumption through efficient building systems and maximize natural daylight to improve occupant well-being and productivity.

3. Water Management Systems

Implementing systems to efficiently manage and recycle water, reduce potable water consumption, and mitigate the impact of stormwater runoff.

4. Renewable Energy Strategies

Implementing renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, or geothermal to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and increase energy independence.


5. Construction Methodologies

Using sustainable construction methods such as prefabrication, modular construction, or green roofs reduces waste and increase efficiency during the construction process.

6. Material Sourcing

Sourcing sustainable materials that are environmentally responsible, socially conscious, and economically viable to reduce the building’s impact on the environment.

7. Public Transport Access

 Providing convenient access to public transportation to reduce the carbon footprint of the building’s occupants and promote sustainable transportation.

8. New and Sustainable Technology

Focusing on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through implementing new sustainable technology to support social and environmental sustainability, including clean energy, sustainable cities, and responsible consumption and production.

Design Process In Accordance

We at Aesthetic, follow the RIBA Process for Architectural Design. It includes the following steps in the entire pipeline – right from inception to execution and use: We make sure to assess the needs at every stage of the project and assure to adapt as per the requirements, ensuring client satisfaction..




Preparation & Briefing








Manufacturing & Const.





Our Projects

Discover the beauty of Islamic architecture. Explore The reality!

Constructing an International Cultural Center Fusing Morden, Sustainable and Heritage Architecture.







Few of Our clients



 Designing and planning of buildings and structures that are functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, while meeting the needs of the client.


Planning and designing interior spaces to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments that meet the needs of the occupants.

Urban planning

The process of designing and managing the physical and social development of cities and towns to ensure they are sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Sustainability Consultancy

Providing expert advice and support to businesses and organizations to help them become more sustainable, reduce their environmental impact, and achieve their sustainability goals.

GFC Consultancy

Guidance on the financial aspects of a project, including budgeting, cost management, and risk management to ensure the project is financially feasible and sustainable.



Project Management Consultancy involves overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a construction project, ensuring that it is completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards.

BIM Consultancy

BIM (Building Information Modelling) Consultancy involves using advanced digital technologies to design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure projects.

Landscape Consultancy

Planning and designing outdoor spaces, including parks, gardens, and public spaces, to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments that meet the needs of the community.

3D Visualization

Using advanced digital technologies to create realistic and detailed visual representations of architectural and design projects, helping clients to visualize and understand the proposed design solutions.

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“Work Should Tell The Story Behind The Art And Be The Part Of History” - PM Modi

Core Design Concept

Hasht Behesht, literally meaning "the Eight Heavens" in Persian, is a 17th-century pavilion in Isfahan, Iran. It was built by order of Suleiman I, the eighth shah of Iran's Safavid Empire, and functioned mainly as a private pavilion.

Architecture :

  • Concept & Programming /
  • Schematic Design /
  • Construction Administration /
  • Bidding & Value Engineering

Interior Architecture :

  • Site Selection /
  • Feasibility Studies /
  • Acquisition Consulting /
  • Due Diligence

Development :

  • Architecture Selections /
  • Interior Construction Documents

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